Live Solution – is Live!

Live music is bigger in Australia than ever before, with people flocking to gigs across the country.

Unfortunately some gig goers drink too much and ruin a great night for themselves, and others.

Live Solution – “Have a Better Time with Live Music” is an Australian Government-funded concept, developed by Mushroom Marketing to challenge the culture of binge drinking among people aged 16-24 across Australia.

Live Solution does not preach to young people to go dry when having a night out seeing their favourite acts, instead it aims to encourage them, if they want a drink, to enjoy a beer, wine or mixer moderately, so what would have been an awesome experience doesn’t become an anti-social blur and embarrassment.

Live Solution is all about the advantages of having a truly memorable night out with friends, without massively pre-loading before hitting the drinks at the gig. And it’s about waking up the next morning, without a hangover, and hugging a sensational social day with great mates.

Across 2012-2014 Mushroom Marketing is working with artists, managers, agents, venues, event promoters and local communities to bring the Live Solution message through live music performances, workshops and social media.

Nation-wide, Australia’s live music scene is one of the most vibrant in the world. From city-dwellers to country-kids, ‘having a great time without going too hard’ is relevant to all music fans.

Live music is all about having a smashing time tonight and a better time tomorrow.

Hitting it too hard impacts everyone around you, go easy, kick back with mates and enjoy the tunes.

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