Live Solution

Mushroom Marketing is proud to announce the first number of Artist’s who are supporting the  LIVE SOLUTION  Have a better time with Live Music program.

Across the July to October period acts such as CAMERAS , ILLY , WINTER PEOPLE and SAL KIMBER will be playing live shows connected to the program while other acts such as DIAFRIX, PEZ, BLISS (Bliss n Eso) and STONEFIELD are lending their support via on line massaging.

A number of LIVE SOLUTION Music workshops will be held during this period in conjunction with State based music organisations such as The Push (Victoria) and  Indent (NSW)
ensuring more young Australians get the insights and contacts required to stage safe and well managed live music events in their own communities.  will be actively involved across this period with artist messaging and details about gigs and  music from  artists  supporting the  Live Solution Program as well as encouraging young Australian music fans to share their live music experiences with us on line, plus win the opportunity to have a live music gig in your community.

Special on line content developed to give young Australians insights and links in relation to how to stage their own LIVE MUSIC Events has  been developed and will also be accessible via the website.

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