Live Solution

The LIVE SOLUTION Project was developed by Mushroom Marketing and funded through a grant from the Australian Government via the Australian National Preventative Health Authority.

Running from July 2012 – April 2014, the Project challenged the culture of Binge Drinking amongst young Australians through their interest and engagement in our vibrant and diverse live music scene.

A number of emerging and established Australian acts including Bliss n Eso, Stonefield, Illy, Diafrix, Pez, Ella Hooper, and many more demonstrated their support to the program by including LIVE SOLUTION branding and messaging within their media and social networking channels to promote their live shows.

Artist’s messages covered their thoughts, observations and personal experiences in relation to the impact of binge drinking within the live music scene. Whilst they offered a range of different perspectives relating to a number of different audiences, a common theme shone through.

”If you think getting on stage, taking your shirt off and spinning it around your head is a good idea, maybe make your next drink a water” … Illy

LIVE SOLUTION connected with over 200 live shows and was involved with 20 music workshops staged across Australia.


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