Live No Fear

The Brief
The Department of Justice were seeking an effective way for Victorian youth to express their views on the serious issues of knife attacks and increased episodes involving people carrying knives on our streets.

The Response
Mid 2010; Mushroom Marketing worked closely with The Department of Justice to develop Live No Fear – an initiative which brought young people together via music, film, dance and other creative channels to create messages aimed at discouraging young people from carrying knives and other dangerous weapons on our streets.

Sourced in association with The Salvation Army and the Department of Justice, a group of young Victorians directly impacted by street knife attacks were given a voice through hip hop music to write and record their own song through a series of workshops with hip hop artists Pez, DJ Matik and Mark Raymes, in conjunction with Mushroom Marketing.

The song also titled ‘Live No Fear’ was written and performed collectively by the participants and accompanied by a music video showcasing the process.

Live No Fear disseminated far beyond the direct participants; the lyrics, message and music video were distributed via social media and exclusively via Beat Magazine, Beat TV and and provided a powerful example of our youth taking a stand their way against knife related violence.

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