Voice for Change

Voice For Change is a brand new community-focused project by the Mushroom Group supported by the Victorian Government – aimed at combating some of the issues affecting Victorian youth.

Through the implementation of a forward-thinking initiative to engage with young people Voice For Change seeks to raise awareness about street and youth violence, educate; empower those most at risk of becoming involved with antisocial behaviour; and foster increased participation in creative projects which can help combat social issues and support youth to be positively connected to their local communities. 

Voice For Change also demonstrates that young people from diverse backgrounds all have the ability to use their talents and achieve success in a variety of fields, from becoming a music artist to a top tier soccer or AFL player.


As part of its ‘Creative State’ strategy, the Victorian Government’s Social Impact program seeks to partner with creative organisations and community groups on projects have the power to make a lasting impact on a community – to change the way we think, feel or connect with each other.

Youth disengagement, violence and radicalisation have been identified as key issues for government, and the community. Research has shown that creative projects involving young people have not only helped young people to develop their creative talents, they support participants to build self-esteem and a sense of achievement, to connect with their community, and to build pathways back to education and training. With this data in mind, the Victorian Government partnered with Mushroom Group on a project that would use music to inspire young at-risk people from a diverse range of backgrounds to forge a new path.


Mushroom Group recognised and highlighted the synergies between urban music/culture and the specific communities so greatly affected by youth disengagement issues and developed VOICE FOR CHANGE  – an urban/hip hop music and sports online awareness and education program.

The  program  is  a content and social media driven campaign which not only acknowledges the problems the community is facing but also shows that people do have, and can create opportunities if they are guided in the right direction.

To effectively communicate the project’s core message Voice For Change has drawn together a collection of Australia’s leading urban music, hip-hop and sporting personalities including chart-topping rappers and sports stars from a diverse range of cultural heritages and walks of life.

These include Urthboy,  Diafrix, Sampa the Great, B Wise, Ecca Vandal, Majak Daw and Archie Thompson.

In a dynamic online documentary series the exceptional group of talented Voice For Change advocates share their personal journeys and experiences of overcoming adversity and various challenges including racism, feelings of disenfranchisement and social inclusion in a way that’s both aspirational and inspirational.


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